City of Sydney

I write for City of Sydney from time to time. Here is a selection of my best works.

Intangible Goods blog

A vending machine for mental health? It goes a little deeper than that.

Image by City of Sydney

Developed in collaboration with mental health professionals and presented by Art & About Sydney, Intangible Goods was an interactive artwork installation that moved around key areas of the Sydney CBD between 26 March to 8 April 2018.

Surveys run by artists Mark Starmach and Elizabeth Commandeur showed ten core things missing from the lives of everyday Sydneysiders.

For the City of Sydney What’s On blog, I wrote about the 10 things Sydney craved most.

Sydney Culture Walks app

To promote the Sydney Culture Walks app, I took a couple of very leisurely strolls through my home city. I also wrote all website content to highlight a few choice landmarks for each of the 15 inspiring walks around Sydney.

Take a walk and see